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After Sales

After you purchase your horsebox, we can offer a full after sales service.


This includes mechanical repairs, servicing, MOT preparation, MOT testing, coachwork repairs to a full paint re-spray.



Please find below some of our tips on looking after your horsebox on a day-to-day basis.


Before Setting off

Check oil levels

Check power steering level

Check coolant level should be between minimum and maximum

Check for leaks on hoses and engine

Check fluid levels

Check tyre pressure

  Check tyres for damage

Once per Month

Drive belts check tension and condition

Check brake lines for corrosion

Drain condensation water from air tanks

If you havenít driven the lorry recently take unloaded horsebox for a test run to make sure brakes are working correctly

Check battery and connections

Check lights

Check wipers and washers

Check wheel nuts

Check spare wheel

In the Winter

Try starting lorry day before you need it!

Ensure cooling system has sufficient antifreeze

Washers have sufficient screenwash

Fuel Filter - Drained of water

Try not to use gas as a starting aid e.g. Easy Start

Never over rev a cold engine, engine oil is not effective until warm